“You might feel a bit of a prick…”


Yeah, I’ve used that line before, it doesn’t stop Lee Mack, so therefore its not stopping me.

So I had my vaccinations this afternoon, two jabs in total.  One, a cocktail of boosters for Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio supposed to last for ten years and leave a bit of a bump in my arm.  No, not leave a bump in my arm for ten years, that would be annoying.  The other was for Hepatitus A, supposed to last for 6 months to a year, and if I come back and get another booster for it in 6 months time, it’ll last for 28 years.

I didn’t get a needle for Typhoid, that came in a small blue box instead that I was told to keep in the fridge.  I have to have the tablets an hour before a meal in warm water.  Again, I should say its the tablets that should be in warm water, not the meal.  Then I have to have the second course two days later.  Thats course of tablets, not the second course of the meal.

I have to go back to the nurse for my Malaria tablets closer to the time I’m due to fly out.  I suppose thats in case I consume them all too soon.

There’s no vaccination for Dengue Fever which is the other lovely disease I could be facing, so I just have to keep vigilant with my insect bite preventions, and I’m not having the Rabies shot, because it can be treated within 24 hours, so I just need to not get bitten by rabid bats if I fall into a deep cave.

Not to mention I’ve been warned off salads (okay), street vendor food (aw), and swimming in rivers and pools because of a flesh eating bug you can pick up.  I’ve been warned against getting a tattoo done over there, and anything involving needles, so there goes my heroin binge.  Also of note was that I can put off the mosquitoes by eating marmite or garlic (and with that most of the women I’m likely to get anywhere near kissing at the same time).

I hope you’re all following this, there is a test later…

So the offshoot of it is, I’ve got to back in a couple of weeks time, maybe again in 6 months time to get Hepatitus A immunisation til I’m over 60 years old, but on the plus side, I’ve not had to pay for the injections which is bloody good really.

I can recommend going to California, you don’t need any injections for there.  Plus you can enjoy as many tattoos, heroin and swims in stagnant water as you care for.