The Curse of the Chicken Mole

Perhaps it was tiredness from a long day of travel and pre-empting the early start the next day, perhaps it was Brittney’s need to go for a number 2 not five minutes from our jungle camp, or perhaps it was always there, lurking on the menu of the Jaguar Inn, Tikal, Guatemala, but here is where the legend of the Chicken Mole began.

A dangerous, elusive and horny creature

A dangerous, elusive and horny creature

Of course the Chicken Mole in question was just chicken breast in a chocolate sauce, but to us, we imagined a cross-species hybrid bird mammal capable of limited flight that could burrow several metres underground.

What made it worse was that Todd who had ordered it was still waiting for it after everyone else had been served their meals, which added to the mystery of the beast, to which i said there were still out in the jungle trying to wrangle one, and Chris adding that he’d be enjoying his Chicken Mole at about 2am while everyone else was asleep.

So the legend expanded.  It was observed that 2am was when the nocturnal Chicken Mole was at it most active.  Its at 2am when it goes to feed.  Lee-Anna said that it only ate Mushrooms from Canada, the Maple Mushrooms, and that these were afraid to fly so had to be shipped over from Canada on Jetskis.  I said that the natural predator of the Chicken Mole was the Pig Jaguar, who could be anything from 1 metre long and weighing 14lbs to 5 metres and 150lbs.

Specially trained kitchen cats are used to wrangle Chicken Moles, we agreed as we realised the Jaguar Inn had a pet cat who sat on the netting above the kitchen, and as we were woken early in the morning by Jim’s alarm, we heard an animal’s cry to which I attributed it to the Chicken Mole.

Yes it was definitely the kind of thing you had to be there to get it, but long may the legend of the Chicken Mole continue.  The warning I scribbled on the wall in the Caballero’s in Fusion displayed in the picture above would certainly send the odd shiver down a few spines I’m sure, though mainly shrugs of confusion.


The Crunch

Its a rollercoaster.  After weeks of planning and preparation, the hour is upon me.  The holiday cometh…

But no matter how much prep I seem to do, I always feel as if I’ve forgotten something and I’m waiting for the bite of realisation to kick in and the blind panic to ensue.  This my friend is the crunch.

saboo“Oh look, there’s a bit of crunch…”

But, I need to realise that its all fluff.  The essentials aside, everything else is a ‘nice to have’. I could pack the kitchen sink and have it a millstone around my neck.  Whatever I’m taking with me, I’ll have to carry, so why am I worrying about Ipod playlists, whether I’ve got outfits for all eventualities, and if I have enough reading material for the whole trip.

Its usually the case that I haven’t packed something I need that I’ve never even thought of anyway.  Hindsight can only provide better prep for the next trip, and we can only learn from mistakes in the future.  I know that my fellow travellers will have a few tips for me as well, and I guess it depends on the activities I intend to do as to what will be essential.

So here it comes, the floodgates are opening and the adventure is beginning.  See you on the other side.  Peace.